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the case of Ram_n Sampedro,

He jumped into sea and struck his head on the bottom of the sea, making him paralyzed. Ramona Maneiro was involved in the last step of the process of assisted suicide that led to the death of Ramon Sampedro. It is evident that Maneiro had a role and ethical right to facilitate Sampedro’s assisted suicide. In as much as the concept of assisted suicide presents several challenges, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of adhering to the needs of the victims while adhering to tenets of the law. Maneiro acted based on love by agreeing to participate in assisted suicide. She noted 7 years later that she acted based on love. Maneiro had a relationship with Sampedro that lasted for many years. After living a bedridden life, Sampedro began struggling for his right to end his life. The only person who could understand his situation and challenges was Maneiro. It is essential to note that Sampedro could not commit suicide by himself because of his quadriplegic condition (Manning 21). Maneiro acted by following the utilitarian and Kantianism principles. The principles of utilitarianism dictate that human actions should lead to happiness (Manning 41). By assisting Sampedro in committing suicide, Maneiro was accomplishing her obligations of ensuring that her fellow human was relieved of pain and suffering that he was experiencing. ...
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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Assisted Suicide in the Case of Ramon Sampedro The case of Ramon Sampedro involves Ramona Maneiro and her role in assisting Sampedro in committing suicide. Ramon Sampedro was an angler and writer involved in a diving accident that made him quadriplegic when he was 25 years…
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