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War and Religion Name of Course Your Name Your Institution Religion is the cause of war. Organized religion has been a significant part of society for so many centuries in the past. From one angle, organized religion can be seen as an attempt to institutionalize spiritual activities and spiritual practices.


And this has come with so much military concerns. In other words, religion has been a fundamental part in the organization of nations' military policies and military campaigns. This paper seeks to argue that religion is a major cause of war. In order to undertake this discourse, it is important to identify the origins of organized religion. This will provide the basis for the identification of the important variables and undertake a comparison of the era before organized religion and the era after organized religion. In providing a background to what we will call organized-religion today, Wilson identifies that “Jesus did not call what he taught Christianity nor did Buddha call what he taught Buddhism” (2011 p62). This implies that what we call religion today evolved years after the founders of those groups died. In other words, these great teachers in history lived for a given philosophy and idea that was meant to improve the lives of people and get human beings closer to the Creator. However, after these exemplary teachers died, people who came after them sought to spread their creed and spiritual beliefs. These individuals are the ones who can institutionalize religions and make it imperative for people to adopt those religions and live according to these fundamental ideals. ...
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