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Essay example - New World Order: Master-Slave Dualism

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Duality is derived from a philosophical term denoted as dualism. This usually highlights the process through which humans divide the world into different things. It is clear that an individual helps in creation by noticing existence of something…

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New World Order: Master-Slave Dualism

Master-Slave Dualism In his attempts to divide the world, man normally comes to the realization that some things get along while others remain stagnant. This implies that duality leads to creation of relationships. Apparently, in a relationship involving two or more people, one is either a slave or a master. However, in some cases, one person can be a master and a servant at the same time. A typical case involves a politician. As a master, a politician can make key decisions that control the everyday life of others. Conversely, a politician is also a servant of the people who elected him to office. Subsequently, a politician is both a master and a servant. In the Christianity dialect, God, whom is the Master of all creation came down in the form of Jesus Christ to serve humanity. This is the duality of Master-Servant philosophy. This can be a good philosophical approach of dealing with the sobering facts of the 21st century such as environment, disease, war, poverty, injustice, and crime. For instance, in the part of the environment, man will consider the earth and its natural systems as his equal, and would therefore not dominate over them (Salerno 56). Dualistic definition also states that one side of a dualistic relationship determines the other side. This means that environmental sustainability is dependent on diverse ideologies emanating from different sides. ...
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