ethics, Initial argument- buy and sell organs for transplant

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Ethical debate for buying organs for transplant Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction The organ trade business is booming all over the world and it will only stop when the fundamental organ shortage disappears. The organ sale business is done secretly because it has be declared illegal in many countries with some claiming that most people in developing and underdeveloped countries are the major stakeholders in the business.


Some assert that some of the people who engage in this business are those in the low end of the scale of income. Some organizational policies prohibit buying and selling of organs for transplant while others support it. Similarly, there are various ethical arguments connected to the debated. This discussion will discuss some of the ethical arguments in the organ trade debate. Discussion Given the controversial arguments projected concerning sale of organs, it is quite hard to debate the concern rationally because the idea of selling and buying a person’s sounds totally suicidal and unbelievable. Irrespective of the controversy and heated debates surrounding the issue, many people’s view of unexplainable world organs inadequacy and the prolonged waiting lists of patients for transplants, shows that organ trade is the final solution to this issue. There are various crucial arguments provided for legalizing organs sale. For instance, critics argue that peoples organs belong to themselves and donors should be free to use their organs whichever way they wish, (Fabre, 2006). Therefore, it is the right of the donor to decide how they wish to use their organs and whom they wish to donate to and for what purpose or gain. ...
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