Option 1: Dictionary of Terms: Epistemology and Theology

Option 1: Dictionary of Terms: Epistemology and Theology Essay example
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Complete Name of Student Complete Name of Professor Subject Description 6 July 2013 The Epistemological Considerations of Empiricism: The Confines of the Applicability of Empirical Methods in Understanding Abstract Entities Following the reign of positivism in the philosophical spotlight is the birth of empiricism.


From an epistemological perspective of studying human knowledge, empiricism stresses the function of experience and evidence, especially physical experience, in the establishment of ideas as opposed to the notion that knowledge is innate. For example, one can only know that a Styrofoam floats in water if he gets a piece of the material and throw it into the water. In this instance, the physical observation verifies the claim. Another example is the boiling point of water is at 99.98 degree Celsius. That proposition can only become knowledge if someone gets a glass of water then expose it to fire and then place a thermometer on it and find out if indeed the water boils when the thermometer reads at 99.98 degree Celsius. One of the fields of knowledge that the doctrine of empiricism has largely influenced is science. Over the years, science has been very stringent and meticulous in the production of new knowledge such that all theories and hypothetical propositions should be verified against empirical observations of the physical entities as against relying on pure reasoning, feeling or surprise. However, pondering over such philosophical views draws arguments that may try the soundness of the empirical methods. ...
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