Philosophical discussion with a film

Philosophical discussion with a film Essay example
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Philosophical discussion of a film (Man of Steel, 2013) I am writing about the movie Man of Steel in different contexts which I felt while watching this Superman movie. Critics have various points to draw a line but it always needs to justify about our personal feeling while watching a movie (Snyder).


The creation of an ideal superman and the philosophy of fighting for the good fo all and even killing for the same despite all personal feelings comprise the final theme of the movie. The ending might be controversial in some respects but the paper will defend his actions apart from relating my personal feelings regarding the same. The superman shows us a controversial philosophy of dealing with injustice with a bold face and taking the toughest decision of killing for good. The very concept behind the creation of a superman lies in something greater than human. But greater than human in what way is the main concern, i.e. should a superman be born with a bigger and wiser outlook towards life? Do we want to see him as more physically powerful than normal human beings or more psychological strong or be extremely benevolent and kind hearted which we are not capable of. We see a superman in our eyes and in our ways. My idea of a superman is someone who is extremely powerful and can easily kill but will not kill and show his power unnecessarily. The provocation to show his power should be extremely strong in order to actually pour out his strength and go for a killing. Here the superman fits this criteria perfectly well and kills for a reason bigger than personal benefit. ...
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