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The Inside Job is an American documentary directed by Charles Ferguson and produced by Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs.The documentary runs for 108 minutes and was released in 2010.Sony Pictures Classics was the company responsible for its distribution


The documentary is about the financial crisis experienced in 2007 and 2008 among other vital economical issues in the United States and on the globe in general. The 2007 global financial crisis was a result of poor loaning scheme to the real estate sector that led to the worst state of bankrupt ever recorded. The United States legislators, out of their own greed, ordered the banking institutions to provide unsecured loans, only for the real estate owners to become loan defaulters. The scheme affected the global economy causing the prices of basic necessities to rise by certain percentages. Ferguson uses the documentary to highlight some of the corrupt deals and changes in the banking industry that brought the global financial crisis among other economical limitations. This study analyzes the documentary, putting emphasis on the motive behind the entire casting. The documentary contains five parts which are in a sequential order as far as the cause and effects of the global financial crisis are concerned. All the five episodes make a summery of the causes and effects of the global financial crisis. This paragraph contains the main financial summery with regard to the late-2000 US financial crisis. It begins by highlighting the poor performance, then the collapse of some of the greatest banking institutions (Iceland) in the United States. Iceland collapsed the moment its main shareholders, Lehman Brothers and AIG, went bankrupt ...
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