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To what extent should a modern, Capitalist society be organised according to individualist : rather than collectivist : valu - Essay Example

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To what extent should a modern, Capitalist society be organised according to individualist : rather than collectivist : valu

Therefore, culture directly relates to institution because cultures like the formal legal institutions impose constraints on individual behaviour; however, recent work on culture emphasizes the contrast between generalized and limited morality. Generalized morality means that individuals support various set of norms valid for all citizens in any society, without eliminating any group of people thus opportunistic and amoral behaviour is regarded as morally acceptable and justified. Recent works on individualism and collectivism cultural dimensions have essential and robust causal effect on innovation and long-term growth and found that cultural dimensions never correlate to individualism and collectivism do not have long-term effect on growth. Individualist culture rewards social status of an individual’s accomplishments like essential discoveries, humanitarian achievements, technological advances, great artistic accomplishments and other actions that make a person stand out. Collectivism emphasises collection of individuals in large groups that encourage conformity and discourage people from dissenting and standing out. Productive people are suspicious and are coaxed into sharing surplus with the community, which seems to be show collective punishment exists to punish the rich. Behind the punishment is fear that community’s cohesiveness may be undermined and that the individual who proves to be successful may leave the village or may not distribute any surplus production. Individualism emphasises that individuals ought to take care of themselves rather than being in a strongly integrated and cohesive group. Individualist and collectivist culture have various economic effects which have been under exploration both in economic and institutional influences of collectivism and individualism. In the modern society, since individualist culture offers social status reward to individual who stand out, it is essential for it to be encouraged because it gives special, culturally motivated incentive toward innovation, which stands out from the usual monetary incentive. Nevertheless, individualism can ensure collective undertakings remain difficult because individuals follow their comfort without internalising collective interests. On the other hand, collectivism makes collective action easy since individuals internalise group interests even though it encourages conformity and discourages people from standing out. Hence the frame work shows that individualism encourages innovation while collectivism has the advantage of coordinating production processes in various forms of collective actions. Thus, in an endogenous growth model the models has to have two sectors; one that is made up of final goods sector, which is competitive and produces good utilising labour and intermediate inputs. Collectivist culture is considered to offer a competitive edge in production of final products since collectivism makes coordination of activities easy and production of final goods is great when superiority of intermediate inputs is high. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs who create different and imperfectly substitutable inputs that are aimed at the manufacture of final goods dominate the intermediate goods sector. This prestige is common in strong individualist cultures than in collectivist cult ...Show more


Modern societies have engendered the development of privatization, which tends to empower self rather than transcending being with ultimate authority; therefore, this stresses individualistic values of freedom and self-assertion while pre-modern approaches are associated with communal structures…
Author : gisselle99
To what extent should a modern, Capitalist society be organised according to individualist : rather than collectivist : valu essay example
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