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My Personal Nursing Philosophy Name Institution My Personal Nursing Philosophy I chose to pursue nursing as a profession due to my desire to help those in need. In fact, I have been longing of becoming a nurse since my childhood, something that finally prompted me to pursue nursing as a career.


Nevertheless, nursing has much more as a whole that what it appears to be to the ordinary citizens. I will be exploring throughout this paper my nursing philosophy, which pertains to what I believe to be the principal feature of nursing. In so doing, I will explore how I view my role, responsibilities, as well as how I plan to deliver care to patients. To begin with, my nursing philosophy and beliefs are based on the following premises: knowledge, compassion/caring, time management, respect, privacy of patients and honesty. My motive of pursuing a nursing as a career is based on the seven-value system. Nursing, unlike other careers, is pursued with the aim of helping and caring for others. I strongly believe that the success of a nurse depends hugely on the knowledge and the ability to use the knowledge in the health care setting. Polifroni and Welch (1999) argue that a good nurse must know the diseases, as well as the disease processes. This implies that a nurse must be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from class to the place of work to ensure effectiveness. However, it is worth noting that merely passing exams does not mean that the nursing student will be able to apply the knowledge in the healthcare setting. ...
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