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Principles of Aesthetic Value Roofing materials such as clay roof tiles are valued for their functionality due to their thermoregulatory capacity, keeping in heat during the cold weather and keeping it out during the hot months. These tiles can have various shapes, ranging from flat slabs to rounded or curved, and at times combines both flat and curve forms, which are mostly arranged in an interlaced pattern to prevent the elements from entering the interior (Takahara 172).


Also, each individual tile’s form would be hard to appreciate since it needs to be seen at a close range, which can only happen if the observer has to climb up the roof and inspect each tile separately. Lastly, because of the changes observed with regards to the architectural designs of houses and buildings, clay roof tiles are already rare and could easily be forgotten by most of the general public, unless these people live in old houses that still have them for roofs. A formalist perspective in finding aesthetic value for clay tiles can be used in order to explain how some principles of aesthetic reasoning can be applied to make people see these objects into works of art. ...
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