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Are Science and Religion in Conflict - Research Paper Example

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Are Science and Religion in Conflict

Many are the times when religion has various inconsistencies with science. While some people are alight with religion, some do not find this route appealing. As a matter of fact, there have been various debates that try to bring religion and science together. Many parties have come up with strong points that are aimed to settle the differences (Draper, 2010). However, not a single party is willing to water down their stand. As such, they have been in constant opposition as to which has a legitimate stand. Consequentially, some people are torn in between as they come to terms with issues raised by both sides of the divide. Most people only focus on the positive attributes of the two sides. As such, they do not have a concrete decision to fully settle for either religion or science. For these reasons, this paper answers the question as to whether there is a conflict between religion and science. Religion is based on religious practices and beliefs which are taught in defined settings and contained in various literature. Religious norms state that their followers have to uphold utmost faith in their beliefs. As such, they are to follow religious teachings and values at all times. One of the most outstanding issues in religion is that God is the creator of everything. Since He is the supreme creator, human beings have no legitimacy to compare themselves to the Supreme Being. In this case, humans have no reason to compare themselves to the Almighty through His mysterious ways (Radcliffe, 2012). The point is that religious fraternities are not in agreement with scientific innovations with scientists trying to compare their creations with those of the Almighty. The most outstanding example in this case is cloning. Science has made it possible for humans to create other humans through cloning, which is a scientific way of breeding humans through science. This is unacceptable to many religions as followers consider this to be mimicking their Creator. As a matter of fact, they consider the Almighty as a steadfast priority and should not be compared to anything else that exists or ever existed (Draper, 2010). For a human being to glorify cloning is ridicule to God as stated by the religious fraternities. Therefore, according to religious groups, the numerous scientific innovations are ill advised and should not try to compare their innovations with God’s creations. This has been a heated point of argument as scientists advance on their innovation in total disregard of the sentiments from the religious people. On the other hand, scientists state that there is no point of concern with their innovations in regard to cloning. In fact, some scientists state that the Almighty gave humans the brain as well as the right to fill the earth. As such, they are enhancing the Almighty’s task to multiply the human population and fill the earth. Since this is a strong point, scientists feel that they have an obligation to increase the human population in an easier and scientific way. Consequentially, religious fraternities state that this is not the intended approach to multiplication of the human kind. They state that the Almighty intended for the natural way of multiplying human beings. As such, these religious fraternities are totally against cloning of human beings. This creates a serious drift between the two parties as each tries to justify their opinions and approaches (Bury, 2010). Since they all have their supporting points and references, they seem to be in conflict. Apparently, this conflict seems to intensify with each development and cannot be solved on a round table agreement. Conflict arises between religion and science especially when there is such a profound contention. As a matter of fact, religious groups have one thing in common, which is their beliefs and faith in a superior being (Dennett & Plantinga, 2010). Therefore, all the people that interact with the religious groups will have to assert their beliefs ...Show more


Many are the times when religion has various inconsistencies with science. While some people are alight with religion, some do not find this route appealing. As a matter of fact, there have been various debates that try to bring religion and science together…
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Are Science and Religion in Conflict essay example
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