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Philosophical Discussion: Determinism, Compatibilism, and Libertarianism Your Name Instructors Name Course Name Due Date Since the beginnings of human civilization people have been seeking the ideal path to achieving a productive, successful, healthy, and happy society…


Determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism are three prime examples of philosophical concepts, each having strong historical support and criticisms. While each ideology has logical arguments supporting its validity they, also, have internal flaws that may lead to negative outcomes; therefore determining which, if any, is the most likely to be the best, or correct, answer to ideal human society and perspective on human reality if no easy feat. What is free will? If so, does it exist? The answer is not as simple as you think. If you define free will as being the idea that reality plays out according to the millions of individual choices and decisions we make based on wants and desires, both, great and small, then the ideology behind Determinism may not be for you. However, if you believe that scientific principles, psychological motivators, and persistent causative events outside ones’ control and force every choice that you make; even the sense of choice is, essentially, a false perception, then you would be a poor libertarian. ...
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