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The paper further strives to comprehend whether engineering can be regarded as a profession or not. Moreover, the paper will also identify the role of ethical responsibilities during the functioning of engineers. IS ENGINEERING A PROFESSION? DO ENGINEERS HAVE SPECIAL ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES? Engineering can be concerned with the work and practices that are carried from the part of an engineer. Engineering basically deals with that particular branch of science and technology which is mainly concerned with the use of machines, engines, designing and building of large structures. Engineering is a practice that involves skillful work and requires very deep intellectual knowledge regarding the construction of large structures. They are responsible for planning and designing proper layouts that are widely implemented in the construction activities. Nonetheless, the concerning part of this case would be to analyses, whether engineering can be considered to be a profession or not? Engineering can definitely be considered as a profession. Contextually, it can be argued that engineering is a profession which demands greater responsibility and considerable competencies in order to render the service as a proficient engineer. ...
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Essay1 INTRODUCTION The essay will primarily consist of the broad practices related to engineering and its various functions. The study will broadly cover all those areas in which proper determination of the concept of engineering will be discussed upon. The roles and responsibilities in relation to the ethical considerations will be analyzed upon and due efforts will be made to understand that whether engineering can be considered to be a profession or not?…
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