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Cultural competence affirms the individual worth and facilitates in the protection of individual dignity. This process entails certain policies, practices and attitudes that increase the quality of services received by individual (Meidl & Meidl, 2011). Accordingly, all learning institutions must encourage and respect diversity in their learning policies and practices. Mary Beth Klotz (2006) asserts defines a culturally competent school as the one that honors, values and respects diversity in both teaching and learning in order to make the learning meaning and relevant to students with different cultural backgrounds (Marx & Byrnes, 2012). Ethnic diversity Students who experience negative stereotypes tend to have low self-esteem thus struggling with their academic work. Cultural differences affect language processing, social status and perceptual abilities. For instance, African-Americans of all grades experience negative schooling environment. Accordingly, White students account for 56 percent of students while African Americans account for 15 percent. English language learners of Latino ethnic background experience the highest dropouts. ...
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Diversity Name: University: Diversity Introduction Diversity refers to certain characteristics of an individual that include but to limited to the differences in gender, age, disabilities, socioeconomic status, language, culture, religion, sexual orientation and origin (Marx & Byrnes, 2012)…
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