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What's Your Dangerous Idea?

Most of the thoughts that echo in the modern world are dangerous not only because they are believed to be false, but because they may become true. It is a provocative question to ask “what is your dangerous idea?” John Brockman edited this anthology of essays from a number of the best thinkers. The edge foundation inspired this effort and it had the consent to endorse inquiry and discussion of literary, artistic, philosophical and intellectual issues and also work with the social and intellectual achievement of society. I will mention several ideas that may evoke dangers in the society, but I will dwell mostly on the issue of religion and science. There are some dangerous ideas that exist in the society. For example reducing the population of the human race globally to approximately one billion and maintaining it at that number. Another dangerous idea is taking the biological yearning of people to play fathers and mothers and redirecting it to responsible stewardship of the world. These ideas sound quite draconian. Another dangerous idea is imposing taxes on mosques and churches. Another is idea is decriminalizing the use of street drug. ...Show more


The earliest scientists and modern thinkers have always formulated theories and discovered things that have challenged almost everything that the society values that range from ideas that have both negative and positive consequences. …
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