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Spring 2012 Philosophy 323: Human Diversity and Justice Professor Abed

Marquis (1989) draws analysis to the AIDS victim who suddenly confronts the prospect of an early death. This prospect must naturally come with a degree of regret and obvious fear and distress as the AIDS victim can clearly appreciate that with his life imminently cut short, he or she will not be able to continue to enjoy life’s experiences and will be deprived of a future life (Marquis, 1989). Marquis (1989) also argues that the deprivation of a future life is also relevant to children and infants. According to Marquis (1989) no one will disagree that it is morally wrong to deliberately take the life of an infant regardless of how valuable his or her future may be perceived so early in post-natal life. Even if one considers the morality of deliberately inflicting pain and suffering on animals, we come back to the conclusion that the deliberate infliction of pain and suffering on animals or non-humans with the ability to feel is morally wrong. Thus based on the assumption that killing deprives the individual of his or her future and intentionally inflicts pain and suffering on the victim substantiates the claim that abortion is immoral. ...
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Philosophy Essays By Number Human Diversity and Justice Institution Date Section A: Question 1 According to Marquis (1989) abortion is immoral for two reasons: it deprives the victim of a future and it involves the infliction of pain and suffering on the victim…
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