Morality&Cultural Ethical Relativism

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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Morality & Cultural Ethical Relativism Morality and Self-interest Scenario The issue of ethics sometimes appears to be difficult when it comes to certain issues or scenarios especially where one needs to chose between self interest and interest of others in a group.


In particular, taking into considerations the interests of others too is morally right because morality is the art of doing right to others. Therefore, sharing is imperative because it is also a moral philosophy, which can help others to benefit from something even if it is little. From the Christian philosophical perspective, self interest aspect is viewed as self love or duty to self or saving one’s soul or other aspects but this does not necessarily mean that people should refuse to share with others. Sharing is one way of fulfilling self interest since it can help in saving other people. The moral teachings from biblical point of view demands one to love others the way he or she loves himself or herself. Therefore, sharing is one of the ethical aspects that can enable one to exercise the love by showing concern to others. A common misunderstanding that arises when it comes to making moral choices is when someone is egoistical. The ethical egoist merely employs self-interest in making moral decisions but this does not necessarily mean that someone is selfish. Ethical egotism is an approach that argues that a moral principle of an action is established by the self interest of an individual. Therefore, an action that advances self-interest is moral and the one that does not advance self-interest is also moral. ...
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