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Essay example - Defining Marriage

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Same sex marriage has been under heavy scrutiny since the time same sex intimate relationships came into existence. For years people involved in such relationships have fought hard for their rights.Their hard work and commitment to the cause have provided them with favorable results. …

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Defining Marriage

The law is one avenue that needs to look at issue from the point of ethics and so the decision of whether same sex marriages should be made legal or not should be decided through ethical decision making tool of utilitarianism. The ethical decision making tool of utilitarianism suggests that those actions should be rendered as ethical that result in highest amount of benefits to the overall society and not just certain portions of the society (Mackinnon 37). The tool even suggests that costs and benefits associated with a particular action should be weighed before recognizing a particular action as ethical or unethical. In the case of whether same sex marriages should be rendered as ethical or unethical and or legal, the law can take help from the ethical decision making tool of utilitarianism. The laws either have the option of not recognizing same sex marriages as legal or the law can legalize such marriages. If the law continues to regard such marriages as illegal, this decision by law would favor a few and cause disadvantage to the remaining members of the society. If the law regards such marriages as legal, the overall society would benefit while only a few negative effects may be experienced by the society. Some of the several benefit that same sex marriages have to offer includes a solution to the problem of children who are unwanted and the burden on the state to take care and provide for such children. ...
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