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1. B 2. E 3. D 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. A 8. C 9. C 10. C 11. C 12. A 13. C 14. D 15. C 16. A 17. A 18. C 19. D 20. C 21. C 22. B 23. C 24. C 25. D 26. A Computation Section (Answer 6 Questions) Follow instructions in the Final Examination document. Answer all questions according to the instructions. Number each question here according to its number in the Final Examination document provided by your instructor. Show your work. 1. Solution: mass = 10 kg ; horizontal force (P) = 50 N ; frictional force (f) = 25 N By Newton’s Second Law of Motion: F = ma P - f = m*a ---? 50 - 25 = m*(10) ---? 25 = 10*a Dividing each side by 10 ---? a = 2.5 m/s2 2. Solution: (a) frequency = 3 cycles / sec (based on the given) (b) wavelength = 2 meters (given) (c) speed = wavelength * frequency = (2 m.)*(3 cycles / s) ---? speed = 6 m/s 3. Solution: First, find the rate constant ‘k’ ---? k = = ---? k = 0.2235 Applying A = A0 e –kt where A0 - initial amount and A - amount at any time (t, min) At A0 = 1.0 gram and t = 9.3 minutes A = (1.0) ---? A = 0.1251 gram 4. Solution: Since V = I*R where V = 6 V and R = 10 ohms Then, current I = V / R = ---? I = 0.6 Ampere and power, P = I2R = ---? P = 3.6 Watts 5. ...Show more


ANSWER SHEET IMPORTANT: STUDENT PLEASE COMPLETE ALL INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING BACK TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR/Assignment Folder. STUDENT PLEDGE: By typing my name below, I am confirming that I have completed the answers to this final examination myself and to the best of my ability, and that I have used my own words (not plagiarized) to answer questions…
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