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The human body - Essay Example

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The human body

Hair, skin & nails. Nervous System Functions as to control the body functions and systems. All the systems are connected to the nervous system through nerves and send and receive signals from the brains to act in the manner the brain wants. Brain, nerves & spinal cord. Skeletal System Functions to provide a support and protect the vital body organs. Bones are hard produce blood with the help of bone marrow. It provides a frame for the muscles. Endocrine System Functions to maintain the secretion of hormones through d that control the growth, reproduction, and utilization of the nutrients by organs. adrenal gland, pineal gland, ovary, etc. Muscular System Functions to provide strength and connections to move the arm or leg or to make the facial expressions. Muscles cover almost every bone of the body except fingers and teeth and skull. It also helps in Maintaining posture & generates heat by shivering. Cardiovascular System Pumps blood to each part of the body. Takes oxygen from the lungs and transports it to the each part of the body and carry carbon dioxide that is released through respiration. Heart, veins and arteries. Lymphatic System Recover the nutrients leaked from the blood vessels and returns then to blood stream. Removes the body wastes and make white blood cells that account for immunity. Respiratory System Functions to provide the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the blood. Urinary System Functions to filter the blood from nitrogenous wastes and excess water. Reproductive System Functions to provide a mechanism to produce an offspring. Digestive System Digests and break the food down to useful nutrients that are then made the constituent of the blood, which are then absorbed by the body cells. The indigestible and undesired nutrients are pushed out. Skeletal System Skeletal system is comprised of bones that help in maintaining the brain functions. Skull offers a hard protective coating to brain from injury and outer environment. The spinal cord remains protective inside the vertebra yet remain flexible. The brain detects the body posture through the sensory receptors located inside the joints between bones. Muscles control the position of the bones by getting signals from the brain. Cardiovascular system Endothelial cells maintain the blood-brain barrier. Baroreceptors send information to the brain about blood pressure. Cerebrospinal fluid drains into the venous blood supply. The brain regulates heart rate and blood pressure. Muscular System Receptors in muscles provide the brain with information about body position and movement. The brain controls the contraction of skeletal muscle. The nervous system regulates the speed at which food moves through the digestive tract. Endocrine System Hormonal activity is governed by brain and the flow of hormones may change the behaviours of a person. The pituitary gland and other endocrine glands are mainly controlled by the hypothalamus in brain. Lymphatic System The brain can suggest and stimulate the behaviour of body to fight against any infection, producing white blood cells. Respiratory System The brain measures the required amount of oxygen and slows or fastens the respiration. Thus, it controls how much we can breathe. The brain maintains the oxygen level in blood. Digestive System Digestive system provides the body and all other systems with the required set of nutrients like glucose, proteins, etc. Brain ...Show more


The Human Body [Name] [Subject] [Course] [Instructor] [Date] The Human Body Cell is the basic unit of life. It requires Oxygen and food for its growth and multiplication. Human body and made up of uncountable no of cells that combine together and make a tissue…
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The human body essay example
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The human body
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