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This paper examines the magnetic field separated by a superconductor material. Magneto static or dipole-dipole forces are very critical in determining the microstructure of any magnet. Magnetic fields in magneto statics which are constant at a particular moment in time always produces steady currents. The charge passing in a wire at per unit time is called the current of that particular wire. Conventionally, it is assumed that electric current always flow in the direction of the movement of the positive charges.
Nonmagnetic materials which are conductors can shield the magnetic field to some extent. Some non-magnetic materials which are conductors help shield magnetic field. A good example is a superconductor, when this material is placed between two magnetic materials; it tends to exclude the magnetic fields created by the magnets. A superconductor material behaves like a magnet in that if the South Pole of the magnet is brought near it, the magnet behaves as though it is being approached by itself from the other side the superconductor.
Magnetic fields come about due to electric currents. If these magnetic fields are changed by moving the magnet near a non-magnetic material or metal, it induces electric field that is the difference in voltage in the metal. This then produces a magnetic field which is oriented in the direction opposite to that of the magnet.
For a homopolar motor, the battery produces electric current which then moves in a radial manner through the magnetic disc. ...Show more


In this paper the author demonstrates us the Magneto Static Forces and the principle of homopolar motor. On the base of the experiments held by the author he shares his observations to show that Magnets can produce forces when placed across a space that is empty…
Author : hkshlerin
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