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Monetary Policy - Essay Example

Money supply is governed by the Monetary Policy. But before explaining the Monetary Policy, one needs to understand money and its real purpose. Realizing the value of money is just as simple as being thirsty and not even having a single drop of water to drink. How are we going to survive without water? How are we ever going to get what we want? The answer lies in the basic drop of water that may act even as a penny and help us get rid of our thirstiness. Hence, in our developed world of today, money is undoubtedly one of the necessities of life that is significant and very much required for our survival. For our endurance though it may be through food, clothes or keeping the status symbol, money is an obligation. The purpose of money is to make easy the exchange of values among community and between different people. In older days barter system was used which was the trading of things and services in a very limited and cumbersome method of exchange. But through this method are 2 buffalos worth a 1 acre of land? How are you going to have that 1 acre of land for 2 buffalos? It is clear that money is a source of wealth creation. Each human being desires for a good health, enough food and shelter though it may be in the form of a house, clothes, or even social security. All these things are considered the basic provisions of life. Therefore, money is the only source by which one can earn the necessities of life. ...
Further more, The Federal Reserve has tools to govern the money supply as

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UK monetary policy
Monetary policy also involves controlling the changes in the value of exchange rate. This is because currency fluctuations affect the macroeconomic activity in a country. According to the international monetary fund, the bank of England appears to be nimble when it comes to easing the monetary policy in the United Kingdom.
10 pages (2500 words) Essay
Monetary policy
The semi-pegged currency system dictates that all governments forming the European Union keep their currencies within a specified range. It stipulates that no currency of any given European Union member should fluctuate beyond 2.25 percent from the agreed and set central limit.
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Monetary Policy

Financial markets are further divided into money markets and capital markets. Money markets deal in securities with a maturity date within one year. Capital markets mature in longer time frames. Bonds are debts with a maturity date, the investor loaned the business money. A stock has no maturity date; the investor owns a portion of the business.

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Monetary policy
This implies that it is that rate which is charged by financial institutions in Australia’s banking sector to other banks for overnight loans. This official cash rate is an important monetary policy instrument that influences other interest rates within the market.
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Monetary policy
This starts from the macro and the micro levels of the economy (Stationery Office, 2006 p. 34). The economic stability of a country/state depends on the effectiveness of economic policies advanced in order to regulate the fiscal activities within the country and at the international levels.
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Monetary Policy
The demand side shocks will bring with itself changes in the aggregate demand which in turn changes real GDP in the short run. These shocks have a resonating effect on the economy where the growth either goes above or below the expected levels, which then affects the flow of income and spending.
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Monetary Policy
Without a sound monetary policy, our economy would spin out of control. The policies that are conducted by the Federal Reserve Board (The Fed) are the are some of the most influential factors that affects our economic livelihood. Monetary policy attempts to influence demand for products by increasing and decreasing short term interest rates charged to banks for Federal Funds.
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Monetary Policy College Essay
In this time and age what has not changed is the primary role of the government. All countries of the world have some sort of government running the country in one way or another. One of the many ways that a government exhibits its control over the economic activities of a country is by means of a monetary policy.
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Economic & Monetary Policy
The economic growth registered in 2014, at just 7.4 percent, is the lowest growth level that had been tallied for the country in more than two decades. Other indicators of the economy, such as demand for commodities like steel, and
3 pages (750 words) Essay
it has the authority to change reserve requirements. A reserve requirement is the percentage banks must keep in there vaults of their total loan portfolio. It manages the money supply, firstly, by lowering the reserve requirement through which the banks increase their leverage and lend out more. Secondly, it changes the interest rates on the money it lends to other commercial banks. Banks are discouraged to lend because of the higher interest rate that makes money more expensive. Lowering interest rates causes the opposite effect. Thirdly, it may expand or contract the supply of money by buying/selling bonds in open market operations (OMO). The growth and volume of lending and interest rates attached to bank borrowing and loans, the value of bank stock, the bank deposits are affected by these OMO’s. The Federal Reserve can easily manage the funding the bank has at any given time and the volume and growth of bank deposits. The supply of paper money can be decreased by electronically debiting it and swapping it with a different financial instrument such as foreign currency, government bonds, or gold. ( David G. Mayes, 2007) For the United States, three categories of assets have been defined as “money” and labeled as M1, M2, and M3. Unfortunately from 1990 to 2007 these aggregates have not been consistently linked to money spending therefore, not being the major focus of monetary policy. Instead, the Federal Reserve implements monetary policy by putting a limit or rather setting a target for an overnight interest rate called the federal funds rate. Rates going upward indicate monetary tightness whereas rates going downwards are taken as a sign of monetary


Monetary Policy Countries all over the world are regulated by a government that consists of different departments that carries out various functions such as building infrastructure, providing benefits to its citizens, giving opportunities to the unemployed etc…
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Monetary Policy essay example
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