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At the present, computers are changing the view of the world and offering a lot of facilities and utilities for the businesses as well as individuals. For instance, they have offered extensive business support and facilities for the better business and operational management (California State University, 2010), (Norton, 2001) and (Shelly et al., 2005). This research is aimed at analyzing different aspects of the evolution of computers and their impacts on our lives. This research is presented in the form of a manual, which presents an overview of the development of computer technology and systems. This manual will discuss some of the important areas of this technology and their possible impacts on our lives. This manual will also outline the impacts of the computer technology on business areas. Evolution of Computer Technology The latest computers and associated devices emerged due to the progresses in technologies as well as users’ requirements to enumerate. In the past, Papyrus assisted people to recall language as well as numbers. Afterward the abacus appeared as one of the initial calculating machines. However, these historical automatic computing systems and machines lacked the effective design processes and working that are necessary to make a machine useful. ...
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The Development of Computers and where they are going (from Abacus to the Netbook): A User Manual By Name Date Table of Contents Introduction The computer is certainly a most wonderful technological invention that has the power to change the future. Since the emergence of computers its influence on people’ lives has been seen in different perspectives…
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