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Planets and other celestial objects in the Solar System - Assignment Example

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Planets and other celestial objects in the Solar System

This is because of the fact that it consists of a thin layer of atmosphere that will protect living beings from cold and airless space outside. It is the third planet from the sun and is considered the fifth largest among other planets, with just a few hundred kilometers larger than planet Venus.
Mercury, on the other hand is known to be the sun-scorched planet that is just slightly larger than the moon. It allows very little atmosphere and is covered with craters. During daytime, mercury is heated by the sun while at night, temperature in this planet drops hundreds of degrees below freezing that makes ice exist in its craters. Mercury has an egg-shaped orbit that revolves around the sun every 88 days.
Venus, is another planet that is known for its having intense heat and volcanic activity. It has a similar structure and size with the earth however Venus have thick and toxic atmosphere that traps heat in a “greenhouse effect”. This planet’s temperature is able to melt lead. A glimpse below the clouds would reveal volcanoes and deformed mountains. What is strange about Venus is that it spins slowly in the opposite direction of most planets in the solar system.
Mars, is one that is considered a cold desert world. It has a size half of the Earth’s diameter and has the same amount of dry land. Just like Earth, Mars also goes through seasons, has polar ice caps, volcanoes, canyons, and weather. However, the difference between the two is that Mars has a very thin atmosphere for liquid water to exist for long in the surface. Research shows that Mars shows signs of ancient floods but evidence for water can only be seen through its icy soil and thin clouds.
Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. This is because of the fact that it has dozens of moons and an enormous magnetic field which forms a kind of its own solar system. Jupiter does not resemble a star when speaking of its ...Show more


Today, the solar system is still a mystery to some people while those that understand what it really is are awed by its vastness. First of all, the solar system is made up of the star which we call the Sun; many…
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Planets and other celestial objects in the Solar System essay example
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