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Suppose furthermore that these variants are distributed in the population independently of one another.
Since A and B are now dependent, the probability of a randomly selected person to have the two variants, A1 and B1, will increase as these two variants will in most cases be found together (dependent distribution)
In the movie Superman, the infant Kal-El’s father Jor-El gives him a crystal about the size of a tube of toothpaste and leaves a recorded message telling him that it contains the combined knowledge of the “28 known galaxies.” Suppose that this extraterrestrial crystal is a covalently bonded array of atoms spaced about 0.4 nm apart (like diamond on Earth) and that it contains information encoded in defects in the crystal lattice (For example, a defect could be a missing carbon atom.
b. If a human encyclopedia of the 21st century fits comfortably on a digital video disk (4.7 GB, or 38 . 109 bits), about how many encyclopedias worth of information per “known galaxy” could Jor-El have recorded on his crystal
a. You are a city inspector. You go undercover to a bakery and buy 30 loaves of bread marked 500g. Back at the lab you weigh them and find their masses to be 493, 503, 486, 489, 501, 498, 507, 504, 493, 487, 495, 498, 494, 490, 494, 497, 503, 498, 495, 503, 496, 492, 492, 495, 498, 490, 490, 497, and 482 g. you go back to the bakery and issue a warning. Why?
b. Later you return to the bakery (this time, they know you). They sell you 30 more loaves of bread. You take them home and find their masses to be 504, 503, 503, 503, 501, 500, 500, 501, 505, 501, 501, 500, 508, 503, 503, 500, 503, 501, 500, 502, 502, 501, 503, 501, 501, 502, 503, 501, 502 and 500 g. you’re satisfied, because all the loaves weight at least 500g. But your boss reads your report and tells you to go back and close the shop down. What did she notice that you missed?
4. Molten wax is placed into a cold metal pan; the wax becomes solid and the metal rises ...Show more


An enzyme is used to cut each DNA into short fragments; the enzyme always cuts at the same DNA sequence, and the positions of such…
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Molecular essay example
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The functions of a cell are executed through coordinated activity between various organelles of the cell. Two such organelles are nucleus and ribosomes which, through coordination of functions produce various proteins responsible for different structural and functional activities of the body.
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Because intravenous catheters are commonly used in cancer chemotherapy and are prone to infection, they pose a major problem in the care of patients with cancer, such as, leukaemia. Some catheter-associated infections can be treated with antibiotics, while in others the catheter must be removed.
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Hamberg and Samuelson were eventually able to clearly elucidate the mechanism of prostaglandin biosynthesis in 1967 (Lawrence, et. al.1999). It became clear, afterwards, that prostaglandins were formed from polyunsaturated fatty acids by a complex reaction involving oxygenation, cyclization and the generation of five chiral centres from an achiral substrate (Lawrence et al 1999).
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Abbreviations: Inr= initiator sequence of the RNA polymerase II promoter; UCE= upstream control element of the RNA polymerase I promoter. A 29 kilo base (kb) linear DNA fragment is digested with ApeK I, Bst I and Cla I, individually and in combination, and the resulting DNA fragment sizes are determined by agarose gel electrophoresis.
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idences of treatment failures have been reported for this disease, causing rising concern to health care providers and researchers (Blomquist, et al., 2014). The causal organism Neisseria gonorrhoeae has been reported to exhibit resistance to first line therapeutic drugs and
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