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Religious divide on the other hand seem to disagree with idea of millions of years and squeeze it to before six days of creation (Dawkins. 2012). Having gone through all this for years I tend to agree with the scientist.
“Young Earthers,” are ignoring the overwhelming “scientific” evidence for an old Earth. It is certain that both the scientist and men of religion do agree on the story of Noah and the arc (Dawkins. 2012). The scientist then went ahead to study the consequence that such a catastrophe might have left on the surface of the earth. Because the flood did take place it must have left some effects on the surface of the earth.
This argument is so compelling because looking at millions of years of erosion at Colorado River the Grand Canyon was formed and such activity must have took place during Noah’s flood (Dawkins. 2012). Many geologists, who are Christian and non-Christian, have looked at the hundreds of thousands of feet of rock layers and fossils worldwide have simply assumed that the Flood didn’t produce them (Dawkins. 2012). They went ahead and invented theories that those rock layers and fossils formed long ago before we came into existence.
We can’t ignore the fact that global, year-long, catastrophic Flood did happen at the time of Noah. We can say this with without doubt because of the authority of the historical record in the book Genesis. Such a catastrophe must have therefore left a massive amount of geological evidence (Dawkins. 2012). Since the flood took place it must have buried both vegetation and creatures and as water recede back they must have eroded many of the sediments laid down in the first half of the Flood and redeposit them elsewhere (Dawkins. 2012).
As we look at the thousands of feet of rock layers and fossils worldwide surely Flood could have produced them. If such an event was to take place today, it will be naïve for us to think that no geological features will result from it. To ...Show more


The history and arguments about the origin of the earth and evolution have given many scientists sleepless nights trying to unearth what might have actually happened long before we came into being. Scientist hope that one day the matter will be put to rest by providing evidence…
Author : hoconnell
Geology essay example
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