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The Earth Energy-Balance

According to a study in the United States, more than 200 million sources of air pollutions are added into the atmosphere every year which is equal to 1760 pounds of pollutants per person. For instance Acid rain is the major source of causing air pollution because it damages lakes, streams, vegetation and wildlife. Another major issue impacting the human lives is global warming because the level of carbon dioxide has exceeded up to 40 % since the year 1860. In the recent years over the 134 years, there has been the highest amount of temperature change. Southern and northern ice caps have been warming us for centuries but what will happen if these caps had melted? Therefore, the constant disappearing of plants, use of fossil fuels is the reason which causes the greenhouse effect. My design takes the environment into consideration and brings attention towards something that is very important to all the people in the world being carelessly neglected. There are many ways through which we can restore importance by ignoring our many habits. Most Americans feel that they have mastered over the nature and environment and they have a complete faith in technology. When they face the environmental crisis like shortage of gas and oil then they believe that “science will save us” but belief on technology’s role in environmental problems is highly premature because science is not the answer to every environmental problem.
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The energy that comes in and is used results in waste heat but in order to use more energy without increasing the earth’s temperature then other ways and sources are used to compensate for the energy that would have been wasted. …
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