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Article on Waves - Admission/Application Essay Example


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Article on Waves

In a transverse wave, these two movements are perpendicular. In a longitudinal wave, the two movements are parallel. An interesting fact in this article is that both types of waves can be found traveling in a solid, whereas in a liquid, waves are always longitudinal. This fact was used to show that the Earth has a liquid core. In addition to longitudinal and transverse waves, the article explains surface waves, where the particles in the disturbance travel in circles. This article relates to the course material by explaining the basic nature of waves that occur in nature and mathematics. It explains that sound is a longitudinal wave moving through the medium of air particles, and that light is an electromagnetic wave that travels in a vacuum (in other words, it does not need a medium to travel through). Based on the understanding of properties of waves, common technologies such as radios, better instruments and sound equipment, microwaves, and earthquake wave detectors can be built. Wave motion can be contrasted to particle motion, which doesn’t need a periodic disturbance, and can’t be categorized into longitudinal, transverse, surface wave, etc. This article is important due to its introductory nature of the physics of waves. It is a good place for a student to start if they are unfamiliar with the basics, especially before reading articles about the mathematics of waves. This article will provide a sound foundation of understanding the physical concepts behind wave phenomena found almost

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everywhere in nature. The reader will come away with an understanding of the many different varieties of waves and the way they are categorized by the way they travel through a medium or a vacuum, or by considering the amount of energy, amplitude, frequency and speed of the pulses. However, the article could be improved by describing in more detail wave motion that occurs without the presence of a medium; for instance, electromagnetic waves are propagated by the oscillation of transverse electric and magnetic fields. Similarly, it would be interesting for the article to mention gravitational waves, which although not detected yet, are thought to be propagated by disturbances in the curvature of spacetime. Works Cited Physics Planet. “Waves.” Retrieved Fri 27 Jan 2012. Article on Atoms and Particle Physics The article “Atoms and Particle Physics” on explains how atoms combine to form compounds such as water and sulfuric acid. Atoms are made up of electrons, neutrons and protons. The number of each of these constituents and how they are arranged forms the different types of atoms. The particles that make up the atom were the only known particles for a long time, but the existence of other particles was suspected because of reactions that could not have happened without some other missing particle. The article describes the history of particle accelerators, where particles are smashed together at speeds close to the speed of light. Two different types of accelerators are the circular type, made with magnets, and the long straight type. Two types of fermions, or particles of matter, are leptons (like electrons) and quarks (which make up the neutrons and protons of the nucleus). Particles like protons and neutrons that are made out of quarks are called hadrons. Quarks


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Article on Waves essay example
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