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The Black Holes - Research Paper Example

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The Black Holes

During the explosion, the remaining matter collapses to an extremely dense object known as a neutron star which can comfortably be observed from space through the use of a radio telescope. In circumstances where the neutron star is extremely large, the 0forces of gravity outweigh the pressure gradient and this leads to a collapse. Such a neutron star collapses and shrinks until it finally turns out into a black hole. On such a scientific basis, this paper seeks to explain the properties, concepts, and space-time phenomena underpinning concept of the black hole formation. There are different types of black holes. The most common ones are; charged, rotating, supermassive, and static (Schwarzschild 150). Importantly, these four types of black holes are made up of the same fundamental elements; the singularity, the photon sphere, and the event horizon. However, the rotating black hole has an ergosphere which is a combination of two photon spheres. An interesting property about a black hole underlies the absorption of light and any other matter. Electromagnetic light once absorbed by a black hole cannot be reflected back. This originates from the most defining quality of a black hole which regards its emission of gravitational waves. A black hole emits strong gravitational waves that cause light to bend towards it (Schwarzschild 120). As suggested by Green (145), gravitational waves are disturbances in space-time curvature that are caused by the motion of matter. Being transmitted to a speed close to that of light, gravitational waves do not propagate through space-time. Even though gravitational waves travel straight through matter, the strength associated with them reduces as the distance from the initial source increases. As noted by Hengel (103), most black holes tend to be in a steady spinning motion as a consequence of the gravitational waves. It is this steady motion that absorbs matter and rotates it within the ring (the event zone) that is usually formed around the black hole. Such absorbed matter keeps within the event horizon until it has spun into the central part where is concentrated within the core adding to the existing mass. Such black holes that are spinning are known as Kerr black holes (Green 78). Time reduces in regions where the gravitational force is stronger. A space-time phenomenon is another important property associated with black holes. A black hole relative to an observer appears to be slow in motion. Research confirms this to be true. However, as noted by Green (122), the deeper you go into the black hole, the slower the time will start to run. Evidence provided by Green (125), illustrates that once inside a black hole, one may think that time is moving normally. At the rear end of a black hole is a white hole. In theory, this is a point in space that unlike the black hole, it expels energy and matter. Due to powerful gravitational waves associated with black holes, most of the orbit around stars, which could partly be attributed to the fact that they were once stars. This can possibly affect the neighboring stars, since if a black hole becomes more powerful, it can pull the star into itself and as a consequence interfere with the orbit of other stars. Once absorbed into a black hole, a star is first pulled into the ergosphere that finally sweeps all the matter into the event horizon. Once passed into the event horizon, the light endured by the star is bent within the current and ...Show more


Your Instructor The Black Holes Introduction From a scientific perspective, a black hole is a region where matter collapses to infinite density and where, as a consequence, the space-time curvature is extreme (Green 122)…
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The Black Holes essay example
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