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Give your answer to the nearest hundredth and remember the unit (use the abbreviation). 13.56m
6-Four ropes, all at right angles to each other, pull on a ring. The forces are A = 40 N, E; B = 80 N, N; C = 70 N, W; and D = 20 N, S. Find the resultant direction of force on the ring. Give your answer in degrees. 64.03N
6-Velocity has a magnitude and a direction that can be represented by a vector. Consider a boat moving initially with a velocity of 30 m/s directly west. At some later instant the boat is found to have a velocity of 12 m/s at 30° S of W. What is the change in velocity? Give the direction as measured from the east direction. Give your answer in degrees. 10.392 degrees
15-A horizontal force of 40 N will just start an empty 600-N sled moving across packed snow. After motion is begun, only 10 N is needed to keep motion at constant speed.  Find the coefficient of kinetic friction.
22-A cable is stretched horizontally across the top of two vertical poles 20 m apart. A 250-N sign suspended from the midpoint causes the rope to sag a vertical distance of 1.2 m. What is the tension in each cable segment?. ...Show more


If this point were given in polar coordinates − that is, in terms of (r,θ) − what is the value of θ? Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.
3-The cartesian coordinates of a point are (7.3,3.4). If this point were…
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