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Newton’s Second Law of Motion - Lab Report Example

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Lab Report
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In the study of the motion of bodies, it is known that when an object is allowed to fall freely under the influence of gravity, it usually accelerates downwards at 9.8m/s2. This is usually referred to as the standard gravitational acceleration on the surface of the earth. This…

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Newton’s Second Law of Motion

In this lab experiment, we shall focus on the validation of this law by applying the behavior of an almost frictionless motion of a car on a horizontal aluminum track and a constant force T will be applied on the car. This motion will be recorded by a motion sensor and used to analyze this law.
From the experiment and data analysis above, a number of things can be noted. The value of gravitational acceleration in the constant mass of the moving system is greater than the expected value of 9.81m/s2. This means that an increase in the value of gravitational acceleration is directly proportional to the net force. An increase in the net force will cause an increase in the gravitational acceleration.
In the second experiment, the value of gravitational acceleration towards the sensor is higher as compared to the value of gravitational acceleration away from the sensor. An explanation to this phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that for an object at rest, the force of gravity acts on that particular objects but on the other hand, a counteractive force from the surface acts on it.
For an object on a slope, some of the gravitational force is acted upon by the gravitational force that is provided by the slope. The remaining force may force it to move down slope and hence the data collected. This proves that Newton’s second law is followed ...
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