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The conduction testing of the air presents stimuli to both ears but independently using some special earphones. The stimuli is reduced while going from the test ear to the cochlea of the others ear. This is energy loss is known as the interaural attenuation which ranges between 45 – 80 dB.
However, stimulation occurs to the cochlea in both ears. As a result, cross hearing is a situation to consider more in the conduction of bone than in the conduction of air (Yoon 469). The mastoid process of the proper ear is used to transmit pure tones by placing vibrator bone over it. The results of the experiment may be determined by the placement of the vibrator as well as the pressure. Technical factors and distortion may cause may limit the output of the audiometer to about 80 dB. The non-test ear should always be eliminated from the procedure whenever the cross hearing is suspected. In order to remove the non-test ear from the procedure in case of any suspected cross hearing, is to mask by delivering noise to the non-test ear (Yoon 469). The loudness of the masking procedure should be able to prevent the tone reaching the non-test ear and stimulating it.
This experiment aims at determining the threshold hearing over a variation of frequencies. The experiment may test the bone conduction also known as the vibrator as well as the air conduction or the loudspeaker. But the audiometer can only test the air conduction also known as the loudspeaker.
The procedure of performing the experiment was the same for two different partners. The first thing was to check and confirm that the connection of the audiometer and the headphones was not loose. The experiment was conducted in a silent laboratory. My partner put on the headphones while I adjusted the volume of the audiometer over the required frequencies. The hearing threshold was determined for every frequency. The button was used to ...Show more


This technique is normally used in the health facilities where the responses of the patients are recorded. Different approaches and…
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Audiometry essay example
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