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Name Professor Course Date This physics column shall explore on the physical properties of day to day materials that are linked with the movements of their components, either atoms or molecules. In particular, the study shall explore on the type of motion referred as “heat.” In addition, the column shall attempt to establish the factors that regulate transfer of heat from one substance to the other, especially when they are brought into thermal contact…

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Scienece Column

This is all about thermodynamics. In essence, thermodynamics involves the examination of the internal motions of various body mechanisms; or rather it’s a subfield of natural science that involves heat and its relationship to various forms of energy and work. Therefore, heat becomes an integral and essential component of thermodynamics. Virtually, most of the substances that people encounter with in their day to day life consist of body systems of one kind or the other, that is, they either fall under solids, liquids, gases or even light. It is therefore, unsurprising that thermodynamics is a field in physics that comprises exceptional wide variety of applicability. There are numerous thermodynamic experiments used to demonstrate the movement of energy from one substance to another as a result of varying of temperature. This column shall study two of the four forms of thermodynamic experiments discussed in the past few weeks. One of the study experiment that this column shall detail on is 'the meaning of heat and this shall be illustrated using the calorimeter experiment. ...
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