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Political Leadership: A Mirror of Societys Desire for Power

Political Leadership: A Mirror of Society’s Desire for Power

This paper depicts three visual representations of political leaders to manifest the desire for power in the society. Political power resides with political leaders and defines a legitimate authority held by such people within the society which allows them to administer and make relevant decision that relate to public resources and the implementation of public policies. Ideally, political leaders have the capacity to influence societal behavior and as such, everybody seeks to have political power in the society. Most assuredly, individuals in the society work behind others’ backs and negotiate with competing interests to gain political power to enable them achieve their objectives. Therefore, the political leadership depicts the need for power to attain society’s targets and presents politics as a basis for decision making in the society. Ideally, the society is consistently seeking to outdo each other and hence the growing struggle for dominance in the competitive society. Political leaders would do anything to gain power and subject to the influence they hold, everybody in the society desires that power. The struggle for such power may relate to access to security, resources, freedom, independence, and influence on others. Nevertheless, different political leaders have used political power in distinct ways, which are sometimes heinous to the society. Indeed, some political leadership is democratic while others are dictatorial. ...
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This paper revolves around the concept of power in relation to political leadership in the society. As such, the paper will trace how the desire for power relates to and structures the image and culture of political leadership in the society…
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