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Downsian Model of Party Competition

Downsian Model of Party Competition

It explores what platforms that political parties acting in the interests of their candidates best espouse in an instance where voters have single-peaked preferences in an undimensional policy space. With the knowledge of the distribution of the median voters and their ideal points, the two political parties in the Downsian model can choose where to place their platforms in the policy space as the platforms serves as the candidate’s default policy position. It is imperative to note that if the candidates do not adopt the preferred position of the median voter, then their political parties too will not together implement the median voter’s median ideal position, as the parties prefer to differentiate from each other in terms of ideologies. The closer the two parties are and their positions, the more intense the candidates will compete to win the elections with the parties trying to move away from each other to carve a space for their policy space in order to win the elections without much repositioning. This shows that in the Downsian model, while competition may drive the candidates together, it absolutely drives the political parties apart in political competitions. In most political contests and competitions, the strategies that the candidates choose in an election campaign and what they emphasize has got a direct bearing on the vote choices and the final outcome.
If the distribution of the ideologies in the society is constant, there will be an equilibrium meaning that ideologies are stable over time. ...
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It is in agreement that the most common result in formal political theory is that of two candidates competing in a scenario where the first person to win in an electoral contest should adopt the position taken by the median voter…
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