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Defying the Iranian revolution

Defying the Iranian revolution

Even the opposition did not pose a strong threat to him in the beginning of his reign. As it turns out, Shah lost his power when Mohammad Mosaddeq became Prime Minister, in 1951 because he fought for nationalization the oil industry. Mosaddeq was arrested by the cooperation between the Iranian army and CIA. After this incident, Shah created the SAVAK, in 1957. The was responsible for training this group. SAVAK’s task was to suppress opponents of the Shah of Iran and give a close watch over the people. They also fought opponents of the Iranian people. They employed all kinds of torture and starvation in prison, in addition, to the physical liquidation of the opposition leaders. Shah announced, in 1963, that the white revolution will bring women's freedom and it would support the social life. He also maintained that the industrial life and the laws that protect the family would be appropriated. He particularly focused on saving children and women from oppression from men. Therefore, this improved the relations with other countries and the Iranian people had a peaceful life. Khomeini incited people against the government, and carried out demonstrations against Shah. Later, SAVAK arrested Khomeini and sent him to exile in Turkey in 1963. This was the cause of the demise of the Shah's rule. The Iranian people are mostly conservative, especially those who live in the suburbs. Azar hoped for a better Iran after shah’s regime. She hoped for justice and democracy after the repressive regime falls. ...
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Azar Nafisi was born, in 1955, during Shah Mohammad’s regime. Shah was a dictator who placed strong punishments for those who criticized his policies. Shah's policy was based on minimizing the influence of religion on the Iranian people, their lives and opposition politicians…
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