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Comparison between India and Chinese political systems

Comparison between India and Chinese political systems

India as a country is faced by several political challenges which emanate from different communities some of which demand for social rights, economic empowerment, autonomy of cultures, autonomy of states and others make demands to the government to grant them independence to break from the Indian Union. Despite having these governance problems the country still survives as a democratic single state although there a number of political problems that remains unsolved by the Indian government. Similar to India, China is a communist state with many political parties with the lead part being the Communist Party of China (CPC). Despite having many political parties in both countries, India has more parties as compared to China. Many political parties translate into a high expenditure of time and resources and this are among the factors that have pulled behind the Indian economy since their political structure, functions and environment does not favor creation of multimillion empires investments from international firms. These differences have resulted in creation of a divide among the many Indians who are now lobbying for division of India into states or according to political fronts.

According to Professor John Quiggin in his article entitled “Chinas Imminent Collapse”, China is set for tough economic and political times which will likely be caused by runaway inflation. It is a fact that communist economies are yet to face a hard time in the wake of economic crisis that are facing the world starting with European Countries such as Greece. ...
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India is populous country with the largest number of political parties. All the parties participate in election campaigns as well as national elections for instance in the year 1996, six hundred million Indians participated in the electoral process by voting where 26 candidates vied for presidency while other 543 campaigned for the territorial constituency seats…
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