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Foreign Policy of North Korea

The intention of this paper is North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), as a country under the authoritarian rule of the military and the KWP, or the political party of Kim Jong-Il. Since the government and the military regulate every domestic institution in North Korea including the media and the schools, there is no known freedom of speech in the country. Moreover, according to the Amnesty International, North Koreans who are imprisoned or detained usually suffer from torture and other forms of cruelty and degrading treatment without due process of law. The prisoners are either beaten, forced to exercise, made to sit without moving for several hours, and publicly humiliated. Usually, because of these forms of cruelty as well as forced hard labor, lack of hygiene and inadequate food, prisoners usually fall ill and die some time during custody. As a response to the lack of respect for human rights in North Korea, the Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, or NKHR, was established on May 4, 1996 in Seoul. The purpose is to defend the human rights and defend the lives of North Koreans. The founder and current chairperson, Reverend Benjamin H. Yoon, emphasizes that the goal of the NKHR is for the creation of a peaceful reunification of the North and the South and the formation of a democratic national community that is expected to result from such reunification. The NKHR also seeks to assist North Koreans who have just settled in South Korea in the education of their youth and the protection of their rights. ...Show more


The objective of this study is to acquire a better insight of foreign policy of North Korea. First of all, the research will demonstrate foreign policy objectives of the country in relation to such issues: human rights and relations with Asian countries…
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Foreign Policy of North Korea essay example
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