The Political Role of Veterans Healthcare - Term Paper Example

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The Political Role of Veterans Healthcare

From this research it is clear that the Health Care Industry of the United States of America is generally composed of different legal entities. The facilities that make up the said industry are largely owned and operate by the members of the private sector whereas health care insurance have always been provided by the government. The efficiency of the American health care system, however, has always been doubted. Various calls for health care reforms have been made in view of the allegations that the health care industry is nothing but a money making scam where large insurance firms and health institutions participate in. The following problems are usually apparent with respect to the health care industry of the United States: (1) medical bankruptcy, (2) premature deaths among those who are un- and under-insured, and lastly, (3) the wasteful flows of funds that maximize the profits of insurance companies. Longman, the author of the book entitled “Best care anywhere: why VA health care is better than yours” cited the reforms taken in the Veterans Health Care Industry. Longman argues that the reforms in the entire American Health Care Industry must emulate the model in the Veterans Health Care Administration in view of the capacity of the latter to significantly improve and properly cater to the medical needs of the veterans. Aside from Longman, there are other scholars who have also focused on the comparison between Veterans Health Administration and other systems of care in the country. ...
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This research aims to evaluate and present the role of the political process on health care delivery, the role of the demanders and suppliers of health policies and how the political process affects cost of health care, human resources and various health care facilities…
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