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Hamiltons and Jefferson's political philosophy

Hamilton’s and Jefferson's political philosophy

There were two camps who came head to head over advocating different ideologies; on one side there was Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of treasury under Washington who advocated a strong centralized government, while on the other hand there was Thomas Jefferson, the secretary of state under Washington and the third President of the U.S. who was against a centralized government and favored a republican government that would have more to do with foreign affairs and less with the laws that have been imposed in any state of the country.

Jefferson opposed a centralized form of government feeling that it would threaten the notions of freedom laid down by the Constitution. Jefferson did everything that was in his power to make sure that America did not become the “new” England under King George III, which would be disastrous to the cause of the revolution on which basis the American nation had been founded. Alexander Hamilton had a different point of view.

Alexander Hamilton could be considered an elitist who advocated that rich and well-born are the chosen ones to rule the country (Nagel 76). Alexander Hamilton believed that a country like America would not survive if it gives too much freedom to its states as doing that would mean fueling their desire of their own independence. Hamilton was like a deputy to George Washington and was quite effective in formulating the policy of incorporation of centralized government in the United States. ...Show more


After the creation of the United States of America in 1776 and the election of George Washington in 1789, there was a fierce battle in the States about the role that a government should play in domestic and foreign policies of the country. …
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Hamiltons and Jefferson's political philosophy essay example
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