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The New Deal

The main goal of the New Deal was to rescue American capitalism. Roosevelt sought the backing of business leaders in the fulfilling this undertaking. Roosevelt told the business magnates who were against his policies at first that the New Deal was economic protection for the ‘farsighted conservative.’ Some historians maintain that Roosevelt initially intended the government’s involvement in rebuilding the economy to be limited. His purpose of the New Deal was not to encourage a communal undertaking which communist or socialist governments employed in Europe. He wanted neither big business interests nor the quickly budding labor unions to become a puppet of the government or the other way around. Roosevelt did not arrive at the New Deal strategies on independent analysis but as the result of the many forces surrounding him. The economic conditions at that desperate time demanded that the solutions promote positive relations between the working class and capitalist class, each of whom had contrasting interests. Within the working class were differing interests as well. “While labor unions lobbied for employers’ liability laws, social reformers worked for maximum hours for women workers, minimum wages, factory inspections, child-labor laws, and anti-sweatshop laws” (Baker, 2003). The CWA was formed in 1933. It concentrated on creating high paying construction jobs but it was costlier than expected and was discontinued a year later. The FHA was created to address the housing crisis. ...
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The paper "The New Deal" is purposed to explain that The New Deal represented the existing capitalist social structure culture. For example, its policies continued the already wide division between what are thought of as ‘worthy poor,’and ‘unworthy poor’. …
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