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Selected theories of international relations in Iraq

A clear example of this is the cold war. The history of the existence of states tends to prove the fact true that the international arena is in a constant polarized state. While international organizations exist as a means of mitigating conflicts between states, these organizations are made up by states themselves, which means that it is difficult to force states to concede to the collective interest of others, because governments will always vote in favor on actions that best protect their self interest (Ashley 1981, 222). Realism as a theory of international relations extends beyond the militaristic ambitions of a state, it also refers to the collection of resources. States attempt to secure resources for their citizenry, as well as to secure a comparative advantage in trade with other nations. This sheds light on the economic state of being with states in a realist framework.

In fact, economic warfare has been waged on countries as a means of deploying soft power techniques within the realist framework. In the context of international relations there is no viable alternative to realism even being discussed providing the necessity and interdependency for such a theory (Ashley 1981, 223). Even in a world where the state collapses there is nothing to replace realism allowing it to re-emerge. It is entrenched in human nature. Even if they win a shift in ideologies within the current system they don't functionally change the essence of human nature in the sense of these international politics. ...Show more


This paper “Selected theories of international relations in Iraq” defines the different perspectives of international relations and applies them to the current situation in Iraq. The author concluded by indicated which theory most applies to Operation Iraqi Freedom…
Selected theories of international relations in Iraq essay example
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