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Liberalim i the culmination of development in Wetern ociety that produced a ene of the importance of human individuality, a liberation of the individual from complete ubervience to the group, and a relaxation of the tight hold of cutom, law, and authority. The emancipation of the individual can be undertood a a unique achievement of Wetern culture, perhap it very hallmark. (Necati , 1998, pp. 447-477)
Liberalim alo derive from the practice of adverariality in European political and economic life, a proce in which intitutionalized competition-uch a the competition between different political partie in electoral contet, between proecution and defene in judicial procedure, or between different producer in a free-market economy-i ued to generate a dynamic ocial order. Adverarial ytem have alway been precariou, however, and it took a long time for the belief in adverariality to emerge from the more traditional view, traceable at leat to Plato, that the tate hould be an organic tructure in which the different ocial clae cooperate by performing ditinct yet complementary role. The belief that competition i an eential part of a political ytem and tha4 good government require a7vigorme Oppoiion wa 4all c/nideped drange in eop Edropean c/uft2ia in he Epl9 19th7centUry. (Ne#at( , 19, pp,7447-077)
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Hitorically, liberalim ha come to mean two rather different thing. The doctrine originated a a defenive reaction to the horror of the war of religion of the 16th century and then divided into two trand, the firt a narrowly political doctrine emphaizing the importance of limited government, the other a philoophy of life emphaizing individual autonomy, imagination, and elf-development.
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