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Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care

For these people, to be able to make choices and have control over their lives cannot be more emphasized.
Valuing people has since then been the guiding post of service providers, carers, and the government itself since 2001 when it came to people with learning disabilities. The White Paper, said to be the first of its type in a generation, expressed government's will in looking for new ways of implementing it. But then such implementation was found to be more difficult than its creation. Hoping to provide a sense of direction and vision for all concerned, the government hopes the speed of local processes will hasten as would other expected changes.
This paper looks into Valuing People as policy and describes what has been practiced. Particularly, it looks into the aims of the policy, its origins and links to other policies and legislation, and its philosophical basis. It ends with six cases where my reflections about things that are happening are also registered - Valuing People having impacted upon me a heightened consciousness about how things should properly be in my work.
Learning disability has to be understood by anyone wanting to be true to the tenets of the UK white paper, Valuing People.1 Learning disability, the object to be tackled, is said to include "the presence of a significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills wi ...
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In the past, people with learning disabilities lacked opportunities to be treated like the others. They were usually discriminated. Their rights were abridged, their choice taken away from them, they had no independence to speak of, and they were excluded most of the time…
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