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The USA Foreign Policy

Economic rise in China became one of the most important events in the world in the end of the last century. For last two decades the Chinese economy has increased five times, and incomes of the population twice. The total national product of this country has reached the American level, and by estimation of World Bank, in 2010 will come out on top in the world.
The base of economic successes of China was the carried out in 1980 and 1990th years reforms. Reforms have released peasants and have allowed creating private enterprises. There was a transition of China to a market economy. Modernization of the country was promoted by the Confucian ethics of Chineses including respect for the seniors, to family values, a habit to diligent work.
In case the present management of China will manage to prepare the successors interested in carrying out of market reforms and transformation of communistic order, China has real opportunities to achieve essential successes in the business of modernization of the country. By its sizes, population, which has reached almost 1300 million people, gaining in strength economy, and a huge thirst for knowledge and ancient culture, this Asian state has all the bases to be considered as a potential superpower of XXI century.
We can hardly reckon that in the foreseeable future China will become the democratic state and will be practicing the western values. Most likely, the transformation of communistic society will lead to a reorientation of an authoritative regime, in which basis will lay nationalism and Confucian values. ...
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The present essay dwells on the peculiarities of the USA foreign policy towards China. It is emphasized that recently there is a plenty of the publications devoted to various scripts of the development of China in the USA. …
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