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Israel Settlements and the Issue of Palestinian Restitution

The rest of the area would have been linked to Transjordan but for smaller part that would have stayed under the control of the British. One of these parts would have been the city of Jerusalem. Another tenet of the recommendation called for removal of the entire Arab population in the Jewish area. This removal would be forcible if it had come to that. Looking ahead to forging a larger area of out this small offering, the Zionist leaders okayed the proposed state, while the Arabs immediately rejected it. Although two other plans for partition were take into consideration, eventually it all came to naught.
Perhaps nothing involved in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is so controversial and difficult to achieve consensus on as restitution of land to the Palestinians. The question of Palestinian land restitution goes back to the moment it was decided to establish a Jewish state in Israel. That decision was in turn prompted by World War II. This claim to land has been made by the Palestinian Authority in the name of all those who were displaced from their homeland amidst the settlement of the nation of Israel in 1948 and the resulting wars that have marked the area ever since. Following WWI, even more Jews moved to Palestine and the rise of Hitler and his persecution policy upped the ante even more. ...Show more


The problem of what to do with so many people when you've got such a small amount of land has been the bane of Palestine for centuries. The Jewish Diaspora lessened the problem temporarily, but a full scale movement of Jews from Europe to the Palestine began to rise in the latter half of the 19th century…
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Israel Settlements and the Issue of Palestinian Restitution essay example
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