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PolicyMaking in the EU

Were it admitted to the EU, Turkey would be the most populated country and the first to be predominantly Muslim. Though its accession would have little effect on the European Commission, it would dramatically affect the European Council. Despite these many positives, some negatives make many weary about Turkey's inclusion. Agriculture is a major concern of EU policy. As Turkey's inclusion would affect voting power, Turkish concerns could change the common agriculture policy. Also, the European Union allows free movements of citizens among member nations. "A free flow of [Turkish] immigrants could destabilize labor markets around Europe.
Though many of the members today feel that the presence of the Turkey would definitely create an impact on the growth of the European Economy, an equal number of the members feel that Turkey cannot be included into the EU as it is not geographically apt to be called 'European'. Its accession talks have since been delayed by a number of domestic and external problems. Several European countries such as Austria have shown their reluctance to allow Turkey into Europe. The issue of Cyprus continues to be a major obstacle to negotiations. ...
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The proposed accession of Turkey to the EU has been a very controversial one, which has created a rift even between the members of the European Council. Turkey first applied for the European Economic Community in the year 1959 and signed an agreement with the republic of Turkey and the European Economic council…
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