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POLS 301-X: Introduction to Comparative Government

POLS 301-X: Introduction to Comparative Government

Globalization is the process by which things are beginning to happen on a global scale rather than within different countries or states. An example of globalization can be seen in the division of labor. While the production process used to be divided into different states in America, for example, with one part being made in Wisconsin then something being added in Alabama, and then the thing gets shipped to Florida to be sold – this is now happening on a global scale. For example, wood might be chopped down in a rainforest in South America to be sent to China where labor is cheap and they form that wood into a toy train; then the thing is sent to America where it is bought for children. The challenges posed by global warming reinforce the assertion of increasing globalization. While it would be nice for America not to worry about pollution in China, that pollution affects America because that pollution affects the one planet that both countries are part of. And because countries have sovereign power, it makes it difficult for a low-polluting country to tell a high-polluting country that it needs to pollute less, even though their pollution is affecting the entire world. If one country’s pollution only caused global warming in that country, then at least the people in that country would be able to evacuate to other countries. But because global warming is something that is happening to the entire world, it would be very hard for the entire world to evacuate should problems become that bad. ...
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Marx’s theory of dialectic materialism asserts that rather than the conflict between men’s opposing ideas, the driving force of history was usually the conflict between opposing material and social forces. …
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