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Schuman Plan - Coursework Example

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This dissertation enquires into the circumstances under which Schuman plan was announced for the unity of Western Europe after the second world war and why Britain first refused to join and later changed her mind. It turns out that even before Schuman, a French foreign minister, were to announce the plan in a bid to consolidate the scattered coal and steel resources of Western European countries that had been indulging wasteful competition, Winston Churchill had already uttered the need for a United Sates of Europe on the lines of the U.S.A…

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Schuman Plan

In fact she had been already actively engaged in NATO along with the U.S.A. Looking at the success of the ECSC however , Britain was tempted to canvass for membership but her attempt was twice scuttled by Charles de Gaulle who opined that Britain had no real interest in joining the ECSC but was trying to enter as the Trojan horse of the U.S.A. which in a way was obvious since the U.S.A. had been advising her to enter the ECSC and try to change its policies on a broader perspective in tandem with NATO. Thus it took almost 22 years for her to make an entry into the community which by then had become EEC from ECSC, only after the exit of Charles de Gaulle from the French Government. The other five states had been longing for Britain's entry and hence the passage was smooth for Britain though France under the premiership of Pompidou allowed her entry only on firm commitments with respect to the EEC budget contributions and on community's Common Agricultural Policy. The conclusion is therefore that Britain's entry into EEC was politically motivated rather than on economic motives.
The unification of Europe was felt ...
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