Democratisation of Balkan Countries - Case Study Example

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Democratisation of Balkan Countries

As the economist argued in 1998, the instant risk to delicate Balkan peace is not so much violence but secession by minorities big enough to mull over statehood, which may irritate a new civil war as the actions in Kosovo have proved thus, maintenance of peace and solidity in the region depends on how Balkan countries treat their minorities. Partially because of these conflicts in the region and partially due to world public opinion's growing consciousness, the defense of minority civil rights became a top main concern in the post-cold war era. (Donald, 1985) This examines the evolution of democratization as an inner development and focuses mainly on the citizenship policies and supporting depiction of minorities in two Balkan states, particularly Bulgaria and Romania. The two states have enhanced their associations with minorities and with their neighbors. The outcomes in these cases represent a variety of potential and models, and thus they provide us with opportunities to study democratization and cultural politics in the area. (Attila, 1998)
The democratic conversion in the post-communist Balkan states creates challenges for the innovative government in the region. ...
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Balkan countries vary from East Central Europe in terms of political and economic development. Not any of them had preceding experience with independent administration. Nearly all of the Balkan countries are "late-comers to democratization" (Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria), or "semi-protectorates" they are the poorest nations of the Europe…
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